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Apr 18, 2013 9:00am EDT
on caterpillar. yesterday -- >> fedex, same time i liked u.p.s. there's -- kind of fedex maybe spent too much money on asia. if you shen too much money on asia you're not in good shape. i will come back, i will see you daniher and raise you cyprus senate. i will see you fedex and raise you sandisk. union pacific versus csx. there is an excuse issue. union pacific with a remarkable -- coal only down six. if you're involved with coal, you just got coal in your stocking. >> all right. but that's a stock picker's market you're describing. that's actually trying to discern which managements are doing a better job. >> yes with, as opposed to the futures dictating everything. we'll get to pepsico but it was a remarkable quarter. what can i tell you. versus -- coca-cola had a remarkable quarter, too. obviously consumer products have done very well. pepsico is not claiming raw costs going down because they're hedged. many companies could. buffalo wild wings. we don't talk about buffalo wild wings enough. it is kind of like tractor supply and ulta. buffalo wild wings is seeing a dramatic drop in the pr
Apr 16, 2013 9:00am EDT
. >> caterpillar, uniquely involved in mining and that's moving up. i don't trust that. i don't trust that they have the quarter. >> gold corp, barrett gold are all victims of higher finding costs and less gold coming out and the market not that good. i also want to warn people that you have to be careful of the gold royalty trusts because you're a gold mine, you're not going to start a new mine right now. wow, you call your guys and say holy cow, where does it stop? david, you alluded to the etfs, the etfs did not act like -- they were driving gold and that's the tale. i didn't like that. >> watching that gld which is the largest by far was quite something yesterday. >> didn't you realize that all of those worries about the gld not being a real security when you go to the gold dealers? >> it did have that feeling which gets you wondering is there forced liquidation? >> let's not forget these are bought with leverage by certain funds and we don't have the answers right now. >> you even said this morning on twitter as someone who liquidating a client's position. >> i have taken apart c
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2